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2024 major improvements

A 150% more powerful shop vacuum

An industry-leading power steam cleaner

A two-person team

The 9-Step Method
to leave your car spotless


Safety First

First, I always detail with vinyl gloves and protective goggles to prevent any avoidable incidents from occurring. 


Air Compression

Next, I use compressed air to kick up debris from the vents, dashboard, storage compartments, and more. If necessary, I use a dust & allergen spray along with brushes to loosen stingy dust.



After the debris is loose and scattered across the car's interior, I use a 5.5-HP Corded Dry Shop Vacuum to leave your car crumb and pet hair free. If necessary, I use a handheld dustbuster vacuum to clean tight spaces, such as under the seats.



Shine, Wipe, and Windows

To finish up the interior, I use a supreme shine hi-gloss protectant on the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, doors, and more. I utilize baby wipes to clean any liquid spills or messes, especially in the cupholders! Last, I apply streak-free glass cleaner to the windows. All of the above are thoroughly spread via microfiber cloths.


Foam Time

When the interior is done, I focus on the outside. I soak the car in car wash shampoo by means of a foam cannon. I also apply wheel and tire cleaner and rub it in with a scrub brush to thoroughly polish the hubs, spokes, rims, and wheels.



Using a 5-gallon bucket and wash mitt, I rub the car wash soap into the paint. I also have a grit guard and wash board in the bucket to ensure no harsh debris or grime is rubbed deeper into your car than before. 

Leaf Pattern Design


Spray it all off

All of the suds are then washed off, and dirt is either gone or loosened by now.  


Clay, Dry, & Wax

Before waxing, I use a lubricant and clay bar to smooth out the car's surface and remove decontaminants. Next, I use a microfiber and/or chamois cloth(s) to dry the car and prevent water stains/swirls. Then, with a dry exterior, I spread and buffer "show car finish" wax by hand.


New Car Scent

To wrap up, I spray a "new car scent" air freshener. And that concludes Suds for Swings!

Detailing Materials

Below are products I may use to clean your vehicle. Any questions? Reach me here.

Wheel & Tire Brush

Foam Gun Sprayer

Wash Mitt

Microfiber Cloths

Handheld vacuum

Grit Guard and Washboard


Customer water hookup

Customer electric outlet

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